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updated 10 January 2006

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Belch, George Eugene. "Ring Lardner: Satirist and Humorist." Master's Thesis. University of

  Texas, 1953.
Bennett, JoAnn W. "A Critical Study of Ringgold Wilmer Lardner." Master's Thesis. University
  of Oklahoma, 1949.
Bone, Martha Denham. "Dorothy Parker and New Yorker Satire." Diss. Middle Tennessee
  State University, 1985.
Bordewyk, Gordon Lee, Jr. "Ring Lardner and the Comedy of Alienation." Diss. Wayne State
  University, 1980.
Brady, Matthew G. "Throwback to the Time of True Heroes: Reexamining the Myth of the
  Baseball Hero in Early to Mid-Twentieth Century Fiction." Master's Thesis. West Chester University, 1997.
Cannon, Gladys Mapp. "Ring Lardner, Historian of the Twenties." Master's Thesis. University
  of Georgia, 1945.
Clark Isaac E. "An Analysis of Ring Lardner's American Language, or Who Learnt You
  Grammar Bud?" Master's Thesis. University of Texas, 1944..
DeMuth, James David. "Small Town Chicago: The Comic Perspective of Finley Peter Dunne,
  George Ade, and Ring Lardner (1890-1920)." Diss. University of Minnesota, 1975.
Elevitch, Morton D. "Ring Lardner: The Popular Artist and His Audience." Master's Thesis.
  University of Minnesota, 1950.
Fetz, Howard W. "The Ring of Irony in Lardner's Rhetoric." Diss. University of Oregon, 1974.
Frakes, James Richard. "Ring Lardner: A Critical Survey." Diss. University of Pennsylvania,
Fullerton, Lawrence D. "H.L. Mencken and Ring Lardner: Critics of the American Middle
  Class." Master's Thesis. Bowling Green State University, 1971.
Harrison, Walter Lee. "Out of Play: Baseball Fiction from Pulp to Art." Diss. University of
  California, Davis, 1980.
Johnson, Henry C. "Parallels: A Comparative Examination of Ring Lardner and Damon
  Runyan." Master's Thesis. East Tennessee State University, 1969.
Keller, Richard Dennis. "The Uncollected 'Busher' Stories of Ring Lardner: A Critical Edition
  with Introduction." Diss. Northern Illinois University, 1972.
Keough, William. "Violence and American Humor." Diss. University of Massachusetts, 1976.
Layman, Richard. "Bibliographical Information for a Life of Ring Lardner." Diss. University of
  South Carolina, 1975.
Lossing, Dorothy Wuerful. "The Critical Reception of Ring Lardner." Master's Thesis.
  Michigan State University, 1948.
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  Dunne, George Ade and Ring Lardner." Master's Thesis. DePaul University, 1941
Olpin, Larry Roy. "Ring Lardner." Master's Thesis. University of Utah, 1966.
Pascover, James Roger. "The Baseball Novel: An Emerging Genre." Master's Thesis.
  University of Akron, 1973.
Rice, Joseph Allen. "Four Boobs and Ringlish: A Word Artist's Vocabulary." Master's Thesis.
  Florida State University, 1964.
Rodnon, Stewart. "Sports, Sporting Codes, and Sportsmanship in the Work of Ring Lardner,
  James T. Farrell, Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner." Diss. New York University, 1961.
Rose, William Kent. "A Critical Study of Ring W. Lardner." Master's Thesis. Stanford
  University, 1946.
Rouse, Henry McCormick. "A Study of the Baseball Writings of Ring Lardner." Master's
  Thesis. Duke University, 1960.
Shariff, Ayesha E. "Gendering the National Pastime: Representation of Femininity and
  Masculinity in American Baseball Fiction, 1910-1990." Diss. University of Wisconsin, 1997.
Spaulding., Elizabeth O. "Protests Against the Twenties Voiced by Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and
  Lardner." Master's Thesis. Northeastern Illinois State College, 1967.
Struck, Herman Rudolph. "A Biographical and Critical Study of Ring Lardner." Master's
  Thesis. Michigan State University, 1946.
Swearingen, Martha Murray McKinnon. "Ring Lardner: The Silent Listener." Master's Thesis.
  Stanford University, 1965.
Tribble, Joan Farnsley. "The Busher Returns: A Selection of Ring Lardner Stories" Master's
  Thesis. University of Louisville, 1968.
Webb, Howard William, Jr. "Ring Lardner's Conflict and Reconciliation with American
  Society." Diss. University of Iowa, 1953.
Wilkin, Roger L. "A Preliminary Statement on Research Dealing with Ring Lardner."
  Undergraduate Research Thesis. Mankato State University, 1974.
Zafoschnig, Axel. "Literaturproduktion Als Gesellschaftlicher Prozess: Systemtheoretische
  Untersuchungen Zur Amerikanischen Baseball-Literatur Zwischen 1909 und 1926."* Diss. Universitaet Klagenfurt (Austria), 1992.


  *English: "Experiencing Baseball: An Insight into the Values of American Culture Through a Popular Sport and the Literature About It." (Ring Lardner, Zane Grey, Charles Ban Loan, Heywood Broun, Damon Runyan, Peggy Griffith)



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