The Lardner Family


Ring Lardner, Jr.
Writing Lardners

  One of Lardner's greatest contributions to American letters is his offspring.  His sons were all writers, and many of  their offspring (as well as nieces, nephews, etc.) have become writers themselves.  I will use these pages to briefly introduce you to the many writing Lardners and to the family in general. 
  • The Ring Lardner, Junior Page
    Ring Lardner, Jr., son of Ring Lardner, Academy Award winning screenwriter, and member of the Hollywood Ten.  This page includes a short biographical timeline and filmography.
  • Writing Lardners
    A very incomplete listing of some of the published work of various members of the Lardner clan.  Writing is the Lardner family business.

Coming Soon (in the editing stage):

  • Lardners in America
    This page charts the Lardner family's journey to America.
  • Niles Lardners
    Ring Lardner often wrote about Niles, Michigan, his birthplace, and the surrounding Michiana area.  His family was an important part of Niles life.  This page includes a brief family history in Niles and some information about individual family members. 

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