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June Moon was Ring Lardner's one great success on the Broadway stage.  He wrote skits of varying degrees of success for Ziegfeld and had  collaborated with George Cohan on Elmer the Great, but he had never achieved the success on the stage that it seems was his goal and his passion.  Looking back over Lardner's  life and his work without knowledge of what had "made him famous" might give the impression that he was primarily a playwright and lyricist (albeit a struggling one) who wrote other things to keep food on the table. 

In Niles, Michigan, as a youth, he wrote and performed in family skits.  After graduation, his first writing was for a local theater company.  His personal correspondence and his professional writing were peppered with verse.  His earliest work which was published outside the newspaper was either light verse or music.  There can be no doubt that he had theatrical aspirations. 

But success came late.  And it only came once--June Moon, his collaboration with George Kaufman.  

Twenty years ago, Jonathan Yardley, Ring's second biographer,  characterized June Moon as a "period piece," and commented on the PBS production of the play by saying, "What was funny in the twenties was merely a curiosity forty-five years later." It seems the addition of another twenty odd years has made it funny again. The last couple years have been especially good for June Moon.

The big break occurred in January, 1997, when The Drama Dept.,  revived the play at the Ohio Theater. Their production received very good reviews and was awarded a Lortel award for best revival.  Since then, the revival seems to be building up steam.  See the partial list of new productions, and the partial listing of all productions below. 




NEW MOON One new production has come to my attention:

November 13, 1999- February 13, 2000
The Colony Theatre Company
1944 Riverside Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Phone:  (323) 665-3011
Web:  http://www.colonytheatre.org/index.html
Email:  TheatreCol@aol.com


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  Partial Performance List


Tryout Performance
  July 1929 Atlantic City, NJ  
Broadhurst Theatre
  9 Oct 1929- New York, NY  
Broad Street Theatre
  n.d. Newark, NJ  
Company not known   1930 Philadelphia, PA
Boston, MA
Pittsburgh, PA
Road Company   27 Feb 1930- Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH
Cincinnati, OH
Milwaukee, WI
St. Louis, MO
Kansas City, MO
West Coast
Pasadena Playhouse
  19-28 Mar 1931 Pasadena, CA  
University of Northern Iowa   Studioproduction of scenes
Nov. 12, 1937.
Cedar Falls, IA  
The Barnstormers
  week of 2 Aug 1955 Tamworth, NH  
The Barnstormers
  week of 17 Aug 1965 Tamworth, NH  
Theater in America
  1974 PBS  
The Barnstormers
  week of 2 Aug 1977 Tamworth, NH  
Drama Workshop Syracuse University
  1986 Syracuse, NY  
The Barnstormers
  24-28 Aug 1993 Tamworth, NH  
Graduate Acting Program New York University
  1996 New York, NY  
St. Jean's Players
  3-12 May 1996 New York, NY  
Porthouse Theatre Co. Kent State University
  26 Jul - 11 Aug 1996 Kent, OH  
Drama Department Ohio Theatre
  7-19 Jan 1997 New York, NY  
Drama Department McCarter Theatre
  16 Sep - 5 Oct 1997 Princeton, NJ  
Drama Department Variety Arts Theatre
  18 Dec - Feb 1998 New York, NY  
Theatre Three   14 Mar - 12 Apr 1998 Dallas, TX  

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