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Updated 18 March 2006

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Here are some other Lardner-related links that I've found to be useful. I haven't included sites which list only the most basic information about Lardner; rather, I've tried to find sites which offer unique information. Please send me any I've missed:


Ring and the Baseball Hall of Fame

"The J.G. Taylor Spink Award" Awards have been given since 1962, honoring writers for "meritorious contributions to baseball writing." The President of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America presents the award at the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Ring won in 1963, second to Spink, former editor of the Sporting News, in 1962.

The Sporting News

The Sporting News page has a nice historical archive. The page listed here, 1900-1920 mentions Ring and gives an example of his "Pullman Pastimes."

The Cosmic Baseball Association

An interesting fantasy baseball site.  Ring has been a player on many teams over the years and even won a best short story award in 1998 for "Alibi Ike."  Search the site to find his current and former teams. 

Dead Link:  The Moonlight Graham Fantasy Baseball League has a Ring Lardner Division.

Years ago, I contacted Joseph Williams who named the divisions, and he explained that Ring is his his favorite "classic-era" baseball writer (Other divisions are the Kinsella and the Harry Caray, other favorites). He says he considered "Speed Parker" from one of Ring’s stories as a division title, but the other founders of the league thought the name sounded too ‘druggy’(Dave Parkers cocaine problems were surfacing then)."   It seems to be gone now, but I will keep this place for a time in hopes it returns.







General The San Antonio College LitWeb Ring Lardner Page
Lists the major works by and about Ring and gives a nice plug for this site.

Creative Quotations from Ring Lardner
Lists five quotes. I like the page because it gives sources for the quotes.



Online Books Eldred Press

Eric Eldred of Eldritch Press has been putting a lot of Lardner full-text editions on the web. His first was YKMA and now there are others.  Eric took on the government and the Sony Bono extensions of copyright, but, in the end, he lost.  I am not sure what the status of his site is. 

He has
You Know Me Al
Gullible’s Travels
"My Roomy"

"Alibi Ike"


"Golden Honeymoon"

Project Gutenberg

I've reported before about Project Gutenberg--years ago when accessing their site and works required a degree in computer science and a steady typing hand.  Now it is much more user friendly.  It is also Ring friendly.  Two of Lardner's books, The Real Dope and Treat 'em Rough can be found on their pages.



Ring & Plays



Ring Junior

The Blacklist
A good background article about the blacklist.  It is an article by Dan Georgakas from the Encyclopedia of the American Left (University of Illinois Press, 1992).

Internet Movie Database
This one seems more accurate than others.



Used Book Sites Alibris
This one is very easy to use.

American Book Exchange
One of my favorites. They offer an email notification service.


Other Tune Smiths Data Base
Lots of great information about Lardner's heroes and contemporaries.

Ring Lardner Middle School

They changed their name from Ring Lardner Junior High, making any jokes about Ring and Ring Jr. sadly obsolete.  (Is it a high school named after Ring Jr.?  Or is it a junior high named after Ring?)




Orchises Press

The fine publisher of the collection of Ring Lardner letters, among other things. Roger Lathbury and Orchises Press were also involved in the big "Salinger is back!" controversy a few years back.  Here's one account.



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